Commercial Fleet

Fleets keep industry rolling. At Vector we keep fleets operating at peak performance.

With the strength of Vector Fleet

Management you have the solution

to a complex, costly and

unpredictable part of your business.

It has been proven, again and again,

that we improve fleet performance

while driving down costs. As a result,

we manage assets worth in excess

of a billion dollars.


Our experience with Heavy Equipment coupled with our ability to integrate and execute a maintenance strategy which improves your company’s productivity is a click away…..

Foodservice & Beverage Distribution

Our solutions leverage our expertise with delivery fleets and refrigerated equipment, supporting the time critical needs of food and beverage distributors. Explore further….

Dedicated Logistics

We provide maintenance solutions in tough to support areas, building customized solutions to help your operations meet the needs of your logistics clients. See other benefits to our program…


Supporting fleets with specialized equipment requires a specialized approach. Learn how we supply industry leading fleet maintenance for utilities and telecom companies, increasing their technician productivity and improving fleet availability when it is needed most…

Transportation (TL/LTL) & Others

Providing high quality maintenance services to over the road carriers and other Class 6, 7, and 8 fleets has been our core business for over 24 years. See how our transparent programs with high levels of accountability can work for your company….

OEM Inspections & Storage

Vector assists equipment manufacturers seeking solutions to their trade term inspections, storage and refurbishment needs. View details of these services here….

Case Studies

Turning Problems Into Progress

We invite you to review a few of the cases that illustrate our point.

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Cost Study Analysis

One of the key advantages of partnering with Vector is substantial cost savings. Each year our clients realize step-change savings in their fleet maintenance budgets. Contact us for a Cost Study Analysis to determine what those savings could be for your fleet.

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View photos of our Maintenance Operations and Equipment that we service.

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Highly trained, conscientious employees form the backbone of our company, so we’re proud to offer maintenance and management career opportunities nationwide.

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