Vector has extensive fleet maintenance experience that can benefit your construction & mining operations. Whether we leverage our captive shop or our mobile services experience, all of our efforts are geared towards maximizing equipment availability and minimizing maintenance costs.

Vector is a leader in this industry due to our ability to fully integrate our plan with mining operations. This means the right hand knows what the left is doing which improves productivity.

Vector then establishes protocols for equipment maintenance scheduling and provides the necessary lead times to minimize operational impact.

Another cost savings benefit of outsourcing your fleet maintenance services with Vector is the ‘in-sourcing’ of many activities that may be currently sub-contracted at great expense. Some examples of this may be: undercarriage management/maintenance/repair, blade and bucket maintenance and repairs and more extensive light and heavy duty system repairs and diagnostics.

Our solution is comprehensive while respecting the cost objectives every operation must meet. Our mining/construction fleet services solutions include:

  • Dedicated and Highly Qualified Technician and Management staffing
  • Safety culture and record which has earned Vector Fleet an ‘A’ rating with IS Networld
  • Extended Service Hours geared to service equipment at ‘non-peak’ hours
  • Heavy Equipment Fueling/Greasing/Top-Off programs
  • Advanced Heavy Equipment Monthly maintenance schedules with budgets
  • Best Practices approach towards Maintenance Re-engineering and PM Management
  • Detailed Oil and Fluid Analyses
  • Advanced Parts sourcing network and Warranty Recovery programs
  • Deployment of our fleet maintenance system with Mechanic Workstation and Shop Planner features which drive shop and technician productivity and efficiency
  • A proven, seamless transition strategy

A dedicated, customized and cost effective fleet maintenance solution are not mutually exclusive goals, see how Vector can make it happen for your company

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