Business Specific Fleet Maintenance Solutions

By understanding your unique situation and needs, we develop a fleet maintenance program that reduces risk, overhead, liability costs, and your stress level.

Every fleet is unique and a successful fleet maintenance program must reflect this. At Vector Fleet, we develop a detailed Scope of Services for every client deployment. Vocation, application, usage, life cycles, equipment and operators are all evaluated and factored into each customer engagement.
Many fleet maintenance programs are based on generic platforms and assumptions, at Vector Fleet we believe your business objectives or constituent expectations demand a fleet maintenance solution that is well planned and specific to your needs.

Below are some examples of the customized components considered in our Scope of Services:

  • Safety Protocols (for OSHA, MSHA, State, and Client specific initiatives)
  • Technician and Support Personnel Staffing
  • Facility Specs (whether at client facility or dedicated lease site)
  • Fleet Management Information System platform (Vector supplied or incumbent system)
  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling and Repair Protocols
  • Days/Hours of Fleet Maintenance Service
  • Parts & Tire Supply and Management
  • Subcontracted services management (ex: glass & body repair)
  • Reporting: Performance Metrics , Life Cycle Costing and Department Level Budgeting
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Waste Stream and Environmental Specifications
  • Service Transition & Implementation Plans

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