Government or Commercial Fleet Maintenance Programs

Whatever type of vehicles, tractors, trucks, EMS, heavy equipment, specialized equipment, or other apparatus that is in your fleet, we maintain it, keep it running, and extend its life.

Vector Fleet is unique in our ability to create fleet maintenance programs for both Government and Commercial clients.

Our solutions for Government entities are usually framed around a Target Cost contract format.

Given the consistent and somewhat homogenous nature of governmental fleets, Vector develops a program with Guaranteed Target Costs, which are balanced by Performance Thresholds on one

Government Fleet Maintenance

side and fleet Life Cycles on the other. Our Target Cost approach affords higher levels of confidence in setting departmental budgets, knowing that fleet maintenance performance is also guaranteed.

Commercial clients benefit from our experience in building inclusive Scope of Services paired with transparent contracts, which are driven by cost-effective margins. A dedicated, outsourced solution is often overlooked as being too costly. This is not the case with Vector Fleet, as we build our program with our clients, to include the vital components needed and excluding those which do not apply.

The competitive environments where our Commercial clients operate, demand that our solutions be cost effective and assist their operations via our superior service delivery, thus helping to differentiate their product or service in their given market. From concrete/aggregate delivery to food service/beverage distribution, from dedicated logistics to mining/construction, Vector can provide step-change improvements in fleet performance with commensurate reductions in fleet maintenance expense.

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