Fleet Maintenance Tracking

Our comprehensive Fleet Management Information System (FMIS) provides a limitless range of reports, analysis, and operational tools for use when making critical business decisions.

Vector Fleet has capability to provide a comprehensive FMIS platform within our fleet maintenance program or examine options to utilize an incumbent platform.

Our recommended and vetted FMIS platform is based on TMW System’s TMT software and includes numerous functions which are essential to successfully managing fleet maintenance services.

Fleet Maintenance Information System
The following are key components and features of our Fleet Maintenance Information System (FMIS):
  • Shop Floor Mechanic Workstations
  • Shop Maintenance Planner
  • Detailed Unit Masters
  • 24/7 On-Line Client Access
  • Department level Fleet Cost Centers
  • Customized Preventive Maintenance Inspections PMI Intervals and Notification settings
  • Real-Time information across all Vector client operations
  • Parts Management with Integrated Warranty Tracking
  • Fuel Management and Mileage update imports
  • Extensive Reporting Functionality

As a result, we provide benefits that tangibly impact costs and improve fleet availability and performance:
  • Achieve consistently high levels of technician productivity (Indirect vs. Direct)
  • Re-Work or Chronic Repair tracking
  • Create specific maintenance profiles for PMI’s and Condition-Based service
  • Vector has access to world-class fleet reporting via our On-Line portal
  • Preventive Maintenance notifications are sent via e-mails
  • Paperless Shop Floor with Technician managed RO’s and integrated Parts assignment
  • Accurate and automated mileage updates via fuel report import, ensures PMI currency
  • Business Intelligence: Vehicle and Equipment Life Cycle Cost and Maintenance Spend analyses
  • Detailed management of Department Cost Allocations
  • Accurate Parts inventories and cost savings via Warranty Funds recaptured from claims
  • Complete Program Accountability through Dashboards and KPI’s

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