Scope of Services

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Vector Fleet Management covers all service and repair needs 100% of the time. Our team provides standard preventative maintenance to keep your fleet running efficiently, ensure DOT compliance and identify/troubleshoot issues to prevent breakdowns.

Maintenance is the most critical aspect of managing your fleet. We know that fleet maintenance is difficult to keep up with. Maintenance costs are rising, vehicle technology is more and more complex and downtime can hurt how the business runs.

Vector Fleet Management, LLC has the solutions you need to help your business succeed. With our dedicated approach to fleet maintenance, Vector will have your fleet up and running smoothly.

Vector offers a wide range of maintenance services for all vehicle types, giving you a best-in-class program to extend asset life while maximizing up-time and lowering costs.

We typically see the following improvements in fleet performance metrics and financial results:

  • 5-20% reduction in overall maintenance and repair costs
  • Increased free cash flow due to Vector Fleet owned and managed parts inventories
  • 10-20% increase in technician productivity
  • Lower cost of process due to administrative savings from Vector Fleet’s consolidated billing
  • Fleet availability (up-time) rates in excess of 95% in most fleet vocations
  • 10-15% savings in capital expenditures due to extended life cycles of equipment

On-Site Facility

We have the ability to deploy our solution on-site, leveraging your existing infrastructure and delivering convenience, quality and efficiency.

As an industry leader with an innovative and dynamic approach to maintenance, we calibrate proven fleet management fundamentals to serve our client’s specific needs.

Dedicated On-Site Services from Vector Fleet

Don’t have the time or resources to run your own maintenance facilities? Let Vector Fleet help you at your location and manage all the details for you. We will develop staffing and training programs to get everyone up to speed, also reviewing your fleet and recommending ways to improve your equipment.

You will receive all the benefits of a professionally managed fleet maintenance program that includes:

  • Experienced professional technicians trained in multiple aspect of maintenance.
  • Robust fleet maintenance dashboard with KPI’s specific to your fleet.
  • Reduction and then normalization of costs related to budgets.
  • Preventative Maintenance driven programs.
  • Nationwide 24-hour emergency roadside service.
  • Dedicated mobile services with fleet specific equipment.
  • Computer diagnostics for OEMs.
  • Tire management services.
  • Vector Fleet owned and managed parts inventory.
  • ASE and OEM training programs.

How a Vector Fleet Management Dedicated Fleet Maintenance Program Decreases Your Downtime.

With our dedicated fleet maintenance program, you have the confidence of knowing that you have the best maintenance in the industry. Your fleet is supported by certified technicians and the most current diagnostic and repair technology in the industry. The result is a positive step-change in your fleet’s up-time.

How Vector Fleet Management Dedicated Fleet Maintenance Delivers for You

Saving valuable time and money for your company is the reason why we do what we do, to boost your bottom line. Having a dedicated team managing every aspect of your fleet maintenance offers you a competitive advantage and the ability to focus on your company’s core competencies.

Because you are negotiating rates for services at the beginning of your contract and work is being completed by Vector Fleet Management, we are able to give you lower rates than what you would see from other providers.

You have easy and quick visibility to track your fleet’s performance and scheduling, offering you unappalled transparency and control.

You will be able to use reporting data to your advantage. Your maintenance and fuel usage are available to you in real-time from Vector Fleet. You will receive automated alerts and notifications, plus scheduled maintenance appointment information.

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